can Industrial Group

can Industrial Group officially started its activity in Iran's textile industry since 2010. The entrepreneur and founder of this holding is Mr. Ismaiel Madankan, who established this business with more than four decades of experience in production lines and machinery technical services.

We are a professional engineering team with extensive manufacturing capabilities and we strictly follow the best quality management systems and produce the best quality spare parts for our customers. We have hundreds of products to meet customers needs for their wide choices.


Regarding years of experience in the finishing such as dyeing and textile printing industry, furthermore of production of spare parts we could offer you the best consultation in the fields of oil, grease and blanket industries.

The production of spare parts with world's state of the art technology has provided us with the advantage of that products will be delliverd to customers at the fastest time.

Making specialised pin plate for the carpet industry is also one of the  iconic products of our industrial group.

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